Click here to edit text.MADURAI VEERAN was born to KING OF KASI, THULASINGAM AND RANI KARPAGAVALLII, after years of prayer, but the child was born with the umblical cord around his neck. This was considered as bad oman and so the royal astrogers and the ministers alike told the king that if you keep this child at the palace, then the kingdom will ruion. This remark made the king and queen sobing. After repeted request by others, the king agreed to send the child to the forest. Weeping king asked the palce maids to take the child to forest and leave it there. Accordingly the maids placed the child in a cradile, and left the forest crying.

There was a hut near the forest where Mr CHINNAN and his wife CHINNI were living. They are cobblers and they have no child. Daily Mrs CHINNI will go to the forest to get the AVARAM BARK, to get proper color to the shoe and cheppals they make for thier living. On that day also she went to the forest and heard the cry of a child, and reached the place where the child is. She look around to see as to wether there are some on near by and waited. Having seen there are none to take away the child , she took the child to her hut. Both the couple were happy to get that child, and thought that the God has given  a child for them, as they have no child of thier own. But seeing the child's beauty, they thought that it may be belonging to the royal family, so fearing they left thier hut hurridly at night and walked to cross over the boudry of that kingdom. After several week, they reached a place rueld by BOMMANNAN. CHINNAN met the ruler, and told him about thier suffering, and hearing that, the king appointed him as a watchman at the palace. Years went by, the child was nammed a MUTHU, has gone up as boy and he was sent to an ASHRAMAM where he was taught many subject including the art of self deffence, and he became the celebrated student of that institution of learning of those days. He has now entered  his youthhood and he was helping his parents.

At that time BOMMI, the daughter of the king came to age, As per thier custom, the princes has to stay in a hut built far away from the palce along with her maids for more than five days,. BOMMANNAN, appointed Mr CHINNAN as watchman for the hut. That was during rainy days, but Chinnan stood in the rain as a watchman as that was the duty assigned by the king. Second day he fell ill, and so asked his son MUTHU look after the watchman job. That night there was heavy rain, but Muthu fully drenched stood there outside the hut. Seeing this through the window, BOMMI asked her maids to meet him and tell that he can come near the hut where there is a portigo, for that Muthu conveyed his thanks to the princes through her maids. Hearing this BOMMI shouted that she dont want this from a cobler, but MUTHU told her that he is a prince of KASI. Thereafter both started taking with each other and they fell in love. So they planed to leave the kingdom at mid night next day. Accordingly MUTHU Ttook her on the royal horse and hurriedly left the place and reached the river CAUVERY bed at the same night before dawn. Hearing the escape news BOMMAN ordered his men to seach them in different directions, and he with some solders saw a hut at the bank of the river and fighting started at the early morning. MUTHU lonely anihilated  the entire army men including BOMMANAN.

The king of THIRUCHIRAPLLI MR VIJARANGA CHOKKALINGAM was watching this fight from top floor of his palce, while he was at his early morning walk. After seeing this bold fight, the king send his men to ask him to see him. The king was told the situation which compled him to do the fight and the king appreciated his courage and appointed him in his army as a commander.

After some time BOMMI recovered from her sarrow and they lived near the palce happily.


Some years later, there was a celebration at the palce for which the king has called his friend THIRUMALAI NAICKER, who was ruling at MADURAI. NAIKER has heard of the bravery of MUTHU VEERAN. The NAICKER reqested his friend to spare MUTHU VEERAN to him so that he can curb the highway robbery happening around MADURAI. For this the king of thiruchraplly agreed, and so MUTHU VEERAN left to MADURAI where he was appointed as a commander to curb the menance. There was several robery gangs at that time at MADURAI. He conqered all the gangs in a short time. He assured the gang that if they are ready to live a normal life, he will get all of them parden. Most of them surrendered before him and asked him to get king's parden. The famous roberer SANGALI KARUPPAN also surrenderd. Having relived from the roberers, and recognicing his vallor, people of MADURAI called him as MADURAI VEERAN and that name fixed by the people stands up to date.

During night VEERAN used to around the city for servilence. One day he has seen a beautiful lady who is a dancer at the palace and  he fell love with her and she also welcomed the love. They usually meet at the palace garden at mid night. Most of the army commenders are envy him for the top most position he is given by the king ignoring seniors. They having seen him at the palace garden grabed him in ganny bag and told the king that a robber has entered the palace at the midnight and the king hearing it orderd to sever alternative limps without enquery. They hurriedly took him and carried out the punishment at the night itself. Hearing it BOMMI and the dancer VELLAI AMMAL reached the grave yard, and both of them fell on his body and died.

MADURAI VEERAN  was a greate saint , but this is not known by others. He lived at 17th centuary and how could he teach my guru SAITHAI RAMALINGANAR, who was born during 1916 if he is an ordinery person. my guru told me that VEERAN with his mutilated limps came to life before the dwan and entered the cave at the MEENAKSHI TEMPLE and disappered. The cave is still there and it is closed. My guru told me that VEERAN came as boy when he was around seven and was guiding him to philosophy and secreat of life. Circumstance forced my guru to leave school after eighth class. He was intrested in art, and VEERAN also helped him in the art. He does not know that the young campanian is VEERAN. My guru joined as a painter   in an oil company and he has to go to different depot opened by the company to paint its name. So , he went to SALEM, there also his friend came stating that his uncle is there. and likewise his friend was following him wherever he happend to go. One day, my guru was doing yoga in a room which he has locked inside. Hid friend came in and my guru asked how he could inter the locked room, then he vanished and came back in his original form [MADURAI VEERAN] and told my guru that as you are belonging to our yoga PARAMBARA, I came to initiate you in this line as your boy friend, and told that he will not follow my guru as he has attained high level in yoga and other arts.

I was with mu guru from 1963 to 1985 when he entered SAMADHI. Few years back I formed a trust namely, SATHGURU SAITHAI GURUPIRAN GNANALAYAM CHARITABLE TRUST [REGD] and with the aid of friends ,we have built a 18 feet statue MADURAI VEERAN KOIL at ANUMANTHAPURAM near SINGAPERUMAL KOIL. There are seperate SANNADHIS for PATCHAI AMMAN, MAHAGANAPATHY, NATARAJAR, BHIRAVAR, KARUPPANNASAMY, SAPTHA KANNIMARS AND NAGATHAMMAN.

Having exhausted our funds we are looking for donation for constructing mandapam and gopuram for MADURAI VEERAN , cost of which is estimated to Rs 20 lakh. Donors kindly send donation by directly remitting to our trust account.


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